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Kayaking, Sea life Tours
& More in Petersburg, AK

We offer powerboat tours with and without sea kayaking out of Petersburg Alaska. In fact the “we” should read “I” in that first line. I used to have several guides working for me offering up to week long adventures. But a couple years ago I did a major down size of my company so instead of me organizing guides and tours I lead them. I’m having a lot more fun these days!!

I offer tours to LeConte Glacier Bay with it icebergs and towering cliffs and day trips to see the Humpback Whales and other marine mammals on Frederick Sound. Along with seeing the sights I educate you on the natural history of this incredible area. I still do camping tours but use a powerboat(with kayaks on the roof) to move to the best paddling areas. I’m always interested in new adventures so if you don’t find what you’re looking for please give me a call and lets do it!

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