Tongass Kayak Adventures
Everyday is an adventure!

Image Gallery

A boat with its ramp down on a beach Side view of the tour boat on a beach View of the mountains from the back of a tandem kayak The bow of a yellow kayak with icebergs in the distance A whale breaching the surface of the water A bald eagle taking flight A whale's tail fin just above the surface of the water A double kayak next to a small iceberg A large iceberg with a hole through the middle A group of kayaks with mountains and icebergs in the background Kayakers row into a fishing village A group of kayakers going around a narrow bend The view of the fishing town, water, and mountains from above A boat pulled onto shore next to large chucks of ice The boat pulls up next to a large glacier A meeting hall with a statue out front A small whale's tail breaches the surface A whale jumping out of the water Interior view of a tour boat Exterior view of the tour boat with people on it Whales jump out of the water to feed on birds