Tongass Kayak Adventures
Everyday is an adventure!

Tours based in Petersburg, AK

I offer several tours which are perfect if you are passing through the area and want to get out and explore just for the day. I love this area so along with showing you some beautiful sights I share lots of natural history, from what the glacier has been doing to how does a 35 ton Humpback Whale survive just eating little fish and krill. On the day of the tour I’ll pick you up at your lodging and we’ll head down to the boat together. All tours include coffee/tea/water and a variety of snacks but I've given up trying to guess what people want for lunch.

Day Tours by powerboat

I use a custom 28 foot aluminum, heated cabin with a private marine toilet, with two outboards to quickly and safely get to the best areas. This vessel was designed top to bottom for sightseeing with both a bow and stern viewing area and huge cabin windows. I’m a pretty good naturalist but the boat as a complete library if I can’t answer your question. Many tour companies use this size of vessel but put 12-18 people on board. I limit my tours to 6 people so you'll never have to fight for the best view or a good seat!!

Frederick Sound Humpback Whales: $300

A full day tour to view Humpback Whales and other marine mammals in Frederick Sound. During the summer the whales are here to eat, like a thousand pounds a day, so the whales are always moving around looking for the most concentrated schools of feed. Its not uncommon to see 20 to 30 whales. The boat is equipped with a hydra phone so we can listen to the whales as well as watch! Many times we land at a beach for a stretch break or lunch stop. 8 hour

LeConte Glacier Bay: $200

It’s a 12 mile-long fjord that has been carved out of the surrounding coastal mountain range by glaciers over the course of thousands of years. LeConte is very active and is constantly fracturing/ calving and filling the bay with hundreds of icebergs. The bay has 2500 foot rock walls that have been polished by the ice, thundering waterfalls and is a magical place to explore. Many times we’ll land to walk around beached icebergs. 4 hours

Day tours with Sea Kayaks

Paddling in LeConte Glacier Bay: $285 and $365

I offer two guided paddling tours in LeConte. My LeConte Bay Explorer tour combines a 4 hour powerboat tour with a 2 hour paddle among icebergs 6 hour total. If some of your party are not interested in paddling they can hike the shoreline. All paddling and rain gear is provided. The other tour is for those what want to spend all day paddling and does not include a powerboat trip up into the Bay. 10 hour tour

Frederick Sound Explorer: $365

This tour combines a little whale watching from the powerboat with the option of paddling at one or more location. Possible paddle locations would be the Brothers Islands, Cape Fanshaw and or Farragut Bay. Destinations worked out with guests.
10 hour/limited to 4 guests

Petersburg Creek paddle: $95

A little exploring in our harbor then paddle across the Wrangell Narrows and up into the Petersburg Creek estuary. 4 hour

All of the sea kayak gear is provided, including stable double sea kayaks , PFDs, paddles, spray skirts, rubber boots and paddling jackets. Prices are per/person with two person min. Give me a call with questions or for group pricing

Custom camping tours: $400-$500

We throw some kayaks on the roof of the powerboat, our camping gear and away we go!
Locations worked out with guests. 0ne to four night tour

For more on our tour options, contact us today, located in Petersburg, AK.